Years ago my parents had this old Singer sewing machine being decorative in the living room. In the beginning it still worked, but after a while it got stuck. Later on it moved upstairs to the attic.

Antique Singer

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Sewing terms

I’ve been reading a lot of sewing blogs lately. Although I’m not a native speaker I think my English is of a fairly high level but the sewing terms a new to me. Usually I’m able to comprehend to meaning of a word by the context in which it’s being used, otherwise Google translate is very helpful. However sometimes Google translate and the context seem to contradict each other.

One word I keep seeing is muslin. Google translate tells me it’s a piece of cotton fabric. Well, that’s clear, a piece of fabric you can work with and make something out of! But then I read things like “making a muslin” or even “making a wearable muslin”. Not just a piece of fabric then?

With the help of Wikipedia I finally understand what a muslin can be. It’s either a thin, light piece of cotton fabric or it’s a prototype of a piece of clothing made from a thin, light piece of cotton fabric. However the “wearable muslin” is still a bit vague to me. Last week I came across a wearable muslin from denim. I really can’t put denim in the category of a thin, light piece of cotton fabric.

To educate me even further can you tell me when you use the term muslin and wearable muslin?

And the first project is….

And the first project is….

A pillowcase! I wish I had picked a more colourful fabric.

Looking for a sewing class I found two websites in the area that appealed to me. I picked the one I picked because the information it gave me about the teacher appealed to me the most. And the options in the schedule worked better for us.

Although I had hoped to be a few minutes early for our first class we had to rush to be somewhat in time. My sisters schedule of the day was completely messed up, my brother-in-law was home late from work, I was later to pick my sister up than I had planned and with already no minute left to spare we had to make a stop on our way over as well. I hate being late, even when it’s just a few minutes. Continue reading “And the first project is….”

Sewing lessons

Tomorrow my sister and I will start our sewing course. I’m so looking forward to this! Not just learning all the techniques, but also doing something together with my sister. We don’t have that many shared interests 😉 Continue reading “Sewing lessons”

Making room

Last weekend we had planned to take our Beetle to an event with some of our friends. The tickets had been bought back in February already and I was really looking forward to it! Unfortunately a lot can change in half a year and almost everyone had other, more important, things to do. Besides, it wasn’t really camping weather after all and the Beetle wasn’t in shape to drive that far either. So we decided to stay home as well. Continue reading “Making room”

I do!

Last week was my sisters’ big day. She had been preparing and directing everything into detail and it was my task to make the best wedding cake ever.


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Project list

Despite my intentions to make regular posts, my busy schedule is making it very difficult to start projects and write a blog about them. And, being unable to schedule anyway, my schedule always ends up in a mess. I haven’t even been able to try out my ‘new’ sewing machine!

In the spare minutes I had I have been gathering a lot of ideas on Pinterest. The list is inspiring and there are so many things I would like to do one day. For now I selected some projects I definitely want to do in the near future.

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Nostalgic sewing machine

I ordered myself a sewing machine! I’m so happy, I can’t wait until it arrives! It’s the same model as my mother’s old machine that needs fixing. A sturdy model from the seventies.

When I was a kid I had this small children’s sewing machine from Singer. It was white with a red hard cover and had only one option: stitching. Despite this one option I loved making clothes for my dolls with it. After some time it broke down. My heart broke and I kept trying it again and again for ages hoping it would magically be repaired someday, but in the end I had to say goodbye.

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Wedding cake

I’ve been making fondant cakes for a few years now and I’ve done the occasional two layered cake. My biggest ‘customer’ is my sister who wants a cake for her son’s birthday every year. So far his birthdays have been celebrated with Cars, Bumba and Bob the Builder cakes. Next month his little brother will celebrate his first birthday. I’m wondering what the request for him will be.

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